Public Meeting Information


During this time of extraordinary circumstances dealing with the Declared Emergency associated with COVID-19, the City of Daytona Beach Shores temporarily transitioning to online virtual public meetings consistent with the goals of the Governor’s Executive Order 20-91, Essential Services and Activities during the COVID-19 Emergency and Executive Order 20-69, Local Government Public Meetings.

Agendas & Minutes

Instructions for Public Comments

Public Comments can be made from Agendas & Minutes page for the meeting you wish to comment on.

1. Select Agendas and Minutes from the Top Navigation Bar

Image of the City Website Where the option of Government and then Agenda and Minutes is highlighted

2. Select the Meeting you want to Provide Public Comment For:

Website Image showing to Select the Meeting Name on the Agendas and Minutes Page

3. Select the Public Comments Option on the Top Bar of the Event Popup Page

Image of the Website highlighting the Public Comments Button on the Meeting Page

4. Input your information. Please provide the Item number you are commenting on and your comment prior to submitting.

Image of the website where an input form for public comment is shown.

Additional Important Information

Comments submitted prior to 1 hour before the meeting will be provided to the Council before the meeting.  Any comments submitted after 1 hour prior, but before the conclusion of the City Council meeting are not guaranteed to be considered by the Council, but will be provided to the Council at the end of the meeting. 

All public comment submissions will be read into the official meeting records held by the City Clerk.

Assistance & Accommodations

If you have issues with the online public participation form, or require assistance or other reasonable accommodation, please contact or the City Clerk’s Office at 386-763-5364.