Sewer Connection Process


  1. Visit Finance Department in City Hall and pay the appropriate Sewer Impact Fee. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!
  2. Contact a licensed plumber and have the plumber get the necessary permits to do the work.
    1. If you live WITHIN the city of Daytona Beach Shores (DBS), your plumber can get all the necessary permits from the DBS Building Department in City Hall.
    2. If you live OUTSIDE the city of Daytona Beach Shores (DBS) but want to tap into the DBS sewer system, you first need to get a plumbing permit from either the County or the City where the property is located, and then obtain a sewer tap permit from Daytona Beach Shores.
    3. Prior to paying your plumbing contractor, ask for copies of all approved permits and final inspections to ensure that you are not charged any additional fees.
  3. Contact the COUNTY Health Department to obtain septic tank abandonment information. The property owner is responsible for the septic tank abandonment, pump out, permit fee, breakout of bottom, sand fill, and running a line to the street.
  4. Total costs for #1 thru #3 above will typically exceed $3,000.

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions:

You are required to connect to the sewer system when your septic tank fails.

  1. The City of DBS allows a payment plan for its sewer impact fee. (contact DBS Finance Department for details).
  2. Monthly sewer service fees are charged after connecting to the DBS sewer system. Properties with access to the system BUT NOT CONNECTED pay a minimum service access fee equal to usage of 3,000 gallons per month. Properties which ARE CONNECTED pay monthly based on actual water usage per 1,000 gallons, with a monthly minimum charged for usage of 3,000 gallons.
  3. Points of Contact:
    1. Daytona Beach Shores Building Division: 386-763-5377
    2. Daytona Beach Shores Finance Department: 386-763-5326
    3. Volusia County Building Permits: 386-254-4680
    4. Volusia County Health Department: 386-274-0500
    5. City of Daytona Beach Permits/Licensing: 386-671-8140
    6. City of Port Orange Building Department: 386-506-5602