Hyperlink Policy

The provision of hyperlinks (or "links") from the City social media sites to other websites is solely at the City's discretion. Links will be provided solely as a convenience for users of the site. Links to commercial sites will not be generally established, except where such links promote specific objects established by the City.

Permissible Links

  • Other governmental entities, including Federal, State, or local government sites, or operated by agencies of any of those entities.
  • Sites operated by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 501 (c) (3) non-profit agencies with which the City has an established statutory, participative, or supportive relationship.
  • Sources servicing the City and public educational institutions within the City's area such as:
    • Federal Government agencies
    • Hospitals
    • Local government agencies
    • Regional government agencies
    • Scientific or cultural organizations
    • Special purpose districts
    • State government agencies
  • Human service organizations that receive direct support from the City.
  • Community events located within the City that are open to the public, with or without charge, and are sponsored or co-sponsored by the City.
  • Providers of search engines for the City Web Page or other City websites.
  • Commercial sites that the City determines may be of interest to site visitors who may be visiting the City, who may be planning a trip to or near the City, or who may be considering relocating to or near the City.
  • Commercial sites operated by entities that are official sponsors of City events or programs.

Prohibited Links

No link is allowed to a site containing inappropriate material, to information irrelevant to the City, or to information unrelated to purpose expressed in this Policy. Links shall not be made to sites that are associated with, sponsored by, or serve a candidate for elected office or any political party or organization supporting or seeking to defeat any candidate for elective office or a ballot proposal.