Vial of Life

What is the Vial of Life?Example of Red Vial of Life Decal for First Responders

The first thing first responders want to know is your list of medications. The difference between life and death when you’ve had a heart attack could be a copy of your previous EKG. When you can’t speak for yourself, when you are confused, in pain or scared, the Vial of Life can speak for you.

How Vial of Life Works

1. Fill out the Vial of Life form

  • Make blank copies of this form to keep your information current or maintain and store your updated information online with us.
  • Fill out the backside of the Vial of Life form. Answer all or any pertinent questions.

2. Place the decal on front of a plastic baggie

  • Place the form you filled out in the plastic baggie.
  • You may also consider placing the following items in the baggie.
    • Copy of EKG
    • Living Will or Equivalent
    • DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
    • Recent Picture of Yourself

3. Place the baggie on refrigerator door

  • Securely tape plastic baggie on the front of your refrigerator door.
  • Place the decal on your refrigerator – this could be on the front or side of the refrigerator, whichever is easiest for EMS personnel to see and access.

4. Place the second decal on front door

  • Place the decal on the front door so it can easily be seen by anyone responding to an emergency.

How much does it cost?

This service is Free to All City Residents.

How do I get a packet?

If you would like a "Vial of Life" packet, please call Elizabeth Ortman at 386-763-5331, or just stop by our Public Safety Building at 3050 S Atlantic Avenue during business hours.

Where can I find more information?

Visit the Vial of Life Project website for more information call contact the Public Safety Department at 386-763-5331