Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is comprised of a sergeant, plus detectives, and an analyst/crime scene technician. The CID is under the command of Captain Michael Fowler, and ultimately the Director of Public Safety.

The Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety CID is supervised by Detective Sergeant Jessica Long.

  • Detective Daniel Carrazana
  • Detective Gary Malphurs
  • Analyst Kelley Register

Detective Responsibilities

Detectives investigate crimes through several techniques, including interviews, surveillance, and evidence collection. The CID has an FDLE certified law enforcement analyst who assists investigators through the analysis of criminal trends and behavior. The analyst regularly prepares background information for investigators as cases develop.

Detectives are responsible for preparing cases for presentation to prosecutors, judges, and juries. Some investigations are brief, while others are more complex and may take over a year to investigate. Some members of the Daytona Beach Shores CID are assigned to task forces where they investigate cases that span over several jurisdictions.

Crime Scene Technician Responsibilities

Several members of the CID staff are trained crime scene technicians. They recover pieces of evidence such as blood and fingerprints from crime scenes and prepare them for submission to crime labs. These crime scene technicians also create sketches of scenes to be presented later in court.