Utility Billing

Daytona Beach Shores owns and operates a sanitary sewer system for the removal and eventual treatment of sewage waste. Billing for this service is based on a rate per 1,000 gallons and is tied directly to a customer's water use as determined by the provider of their water service (either the City of Daytona Beach or the City of Port Orange). To establish or change water service call:

  • City of Daytona Beach Phone: 386-671-8100
  • City of Port Orange Phone: 386-506-5720


In general, Thames Avenue in Daytona Beach Shores is the dividing line, with addresses to the north having water service provided by Daytona Beach and those to the south by Port Orange. By way of reference, Thames Avenue intersects S Atlantic Avenue at around 2800 S Atlantic, two blocks north of the north end of the Oceans Golf Course.

Daytona Beach Shores' sewage service is billed monthly, along with charges for solid waste (garbage) removal. 

Service Information

System services (adding or discontinuing service, changing the name on an account, billing inquiries, etc.) are provided by the City by contacting us at 386-763-5326 or submit our contact form. Please include complete contact information in emails. In an emergency outside of normal business hours, please call 386-763-5321.